Entry list for our next race meeting. If you have any queries regarding this list please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


NameClass PT NumberEventStatusChassis / CarDate
Elliot brittonGT12FPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-03
Mark GrayGT12FPL 13 December 2019RequestedAtom CC2019-12-04
Tyler PooleGT12FPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-09
Stephen PooleGT12FPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-09
Jordan nicholsonGT12FPL 13 December 2019RequestedZen 2019-12-11
michael roystonGT12FPL 13 December 2019RequestedAtom 2019-12-11
George Royston GT12FPL 13 December 2019RequestedZen RxGt 2019-12-11
Denis Royston GT12FPL 13 December 2019RequestedZen RxGt2019-12-11
Siam Timmins GT12FPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-11
Paul timminsGT12FPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-11
KEN WRIGHTGT12FPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-12
Tim turnerGT12FPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-12
Ebony TaylorTAMIYAFPL 13 December 2019RequestedTT01-e2019-12-03
Steve BaggleyTAMIYAFPL 13 December 2019RequestedTT01-e2019-12-03
Paul HowarthTAMIYAFPL 13 December 2019RequestedTamiya tt01e2019-12-09
Keith HardimanTAMIYAFPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-10
michael roystonTAMIYAFPL 13 December 2019RequestedTt01e 2019-12-11
Peter EllisTAMIYA6142007FPL 13 December 2019RequestedTamiya TT-02 2019-12-11
Martin Sharp TC 13.5 BLINKY6683894FPL 13 December 2019RequestedXray t4 20 2019-12-03
Charlie GillTC 13.5 BLINKYFPL 13 December 2019Requested2019-12-03