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Friday 27 July 2018

With the club being so successful in its first 6 months we thought it was time to celebrate and what better way than with a fun challenge. The Dream Team Challenge is a club event for the break between FPL seasons. The event format will be the same as a normal club meeting with the difference being racer's compete in teams for the overall victory. Points will be awarded to the team for where each racer finishes in the finals. The team with the most points wins the challenge.

To make the challenge fair for all we have set some team restrictions in place so that racer abilities should be balanced among teams. We are allowing guest racers to enter the challenge, however they will need to be teamed up with an unrestricted racer who has attended the FPL. As the format is the same as a club meeting, racers do not have to enter the team challenge to race on the night, they can enter and race in the meeting as normal. For anyone who cannot find a team member we will also be offering a pairing up option where we find a team for you.

We also plan to get some prizes for this event to make it even more fun for all. To book in or find a team, please fill out your details below.


Booking In



Event Rules

Racer Classifications:

Pace Setter (TC Only): Racers who have qualified in the top 5 of FPL rounds on regular occasions. The list of Pace Setters can be found below.

Pace Chaser: A Racer who has raced in the FPL but not qualified as a Pace setter

Guest Racer: A Racer who has not raced in the FPL.


Team restrictions:

  • Only one Pace Setter in a team
  • Guest Racers can only enter with a Pace Chaser


Class Rules:

Touring Car - BLINKY

  • 190mm Electiric TC Chassis
  • 13.5 Motor - 2S LiPo - Slick Rubber tyres
  • ESC in Blinky only with NO Reverse


  • 1/12th Scale GT12 chassis
  • 13.5 motor - 1S LiPo - ESC Blinky only
  • with NO reverse - GT12 Foam tyres


How the points work:

  • Points only awarded to finishing positions
  • Max 20 points for A final win, 19pts for 2nd, etc...
  • 2 bonus points available for all teams with matching liveries
    • White knight shells do not count as a livery
  • 2 bonus points available for all teams containing two Pace Chasers


FPL 2018 W/S TC Pace Setters:

R Lee - D Sedgewick - L Carter - K Lee - S Baggley - D Underwood - S Scholey


Current Teams

Team Name Class Racer 1 Racer 2 Livery
Team Europa TC  S Baggley L Barker  YES - TBC 
Auburn warriors GT12 T Berry J Pitchford YES - TBC
Norfolking Chance GT12 C Bird D Graham TBC
Team Orange TC R Cheetham J Kahler TBC
TBC TC R Lee D Robinson TBC
Team Harassed GT12 S Harris A Harris TBC
Team Carpet Killers TC D Underwood L Bagshaw TBC
Not Fast, Just Furious TC S Smith L Carter TBC
Team Gecko TC C Ratcliffe P Gill TBC
Royston Racers GT12 M Royston G Royston YES - TBC