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Starts Tuesday 07 April 2020 - 12 Rounds with 9 Rounds to count - Open to Members and Guests. 

The Tuesday Power League 2020 is a virtual club league held on the VRC-Pro race simulator platform. Each round will consist of a 1 hour qualifying session where you will have 5 tries to set perfect FTQ time. After that there will be a 30 minute final session where you only have 1 change to set a perfect final run from your qualified grid position. The league will run over 12 rounds with 9 of those counting towards each racers total. We will split the rounds over 3 of the most popular (free) tracks on the game.
For the league there will be three classes to choose from; 1:10 Electric On-Road SPEC, 1:10 Electric On-Road 17.5 CLUB and 1:12 Electric On-Road SPEC. The maximum classes you can enter are 2 out of the three. If you enter three classes during a round your best reult will be striped of it's points. 
To enter the league you will require an free account to the VRC-Pro game. For more information about the game and requirements please visit here: 

Provisional Rounds and Classes 

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